CIRECO, established in 1999,
is one of the leading manufacturers and distributor specialists in chemical material and machine.
Using scientific innovative and new technique, incorporate with various chemical materials, it widely used in civil engineering and industrial engineering.
CIRECO provide biomass materials, grouting materials, special industrial coating, structural reinforcement materials,
various crack fillers, industrial adhesive, concrete additives, decorative materials and Graco’s spray machine.

From the development of products to practical application, CIRECO focus on usability of every single product. We have a perfect team which consists of experienced staff, professional development engineers and well-trained sales to provide full service to our customers. We provide a rapid service that needed in work site or design studio.

Providing high-quality service is always the duty of CIRECO. To adapt to market demand, CIRECO’s products development is strictly controlled and managed to reach a higher level than now. CIRECO persist in: providing high quality products and satisfying customer’s demand.

ABOUT Cireco

Cireco Worldwide

Cireco service covered location at Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia.
Cireco is a manufacturer of materials and an authorized distributor of Graco®, providing related products and services.

Cireco Worldwide